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BEDAS Dynamic Analysis of Bridges Subject to Moving Loads Software

BEDAS (Beams Exact Dynamic Analysis Software) is a professional level program for the dynamic analysis of beams and bridges under moving loads. This program uses the exact dynamic stiffness method and is based on an exact finite elements framework. BEDAS handles most typical 2D mechanics, aeronautics and civil/structural analysis problems. It performs static, mode shapes and dynamic response analysis. It gives exact frequencies and mode shapes with only one element per span (member). Dynamic finite elements lead to higher precision of internal forces in any location of structure excited by fixed, moving and/or seismic loads.

BEDAS is the leading 2D finite element program for the true dynamic bridge engineering under high speed moving load (pdf). The user focuses on the geometrical conditions and needs not spend time on matters regarding how to generate the finite element model. BEDAS Key Features:

  • New CustomDesign feature (1,2)
  • Selection of base materials
  • Mode shapes animation
  • Identification of the mode shape vibration for each beam in structure
  • Fixed and/or moving loads analysis
  • Fixed and/or moving distributed loads analysis
  • Seismic excitations
  • Loads may be applied in any location of the structure
  • Load intensity may be gives by mathematical expression F(t)
  • The static response is given in addition to dynamic response
  • Visualize the solutions in displacements, velocities and accelerations (u, v and rotations), moments, shear-forces and axial-forces for the whole structure at time t between 0 and total time
  • Visualize the solution for the gage placed in any location
  • Dynamic solution animation
  • Animated mode shapes, deflections and efforts diagrams
  • BEDAS include components to get beam properties for general and standards sections.
  • Advanced Integrated CAD for sketching and drawing 2D frames
  • Pan, rotate and zoom using the mouse or keyboard
  • Library of complex commonly used 2D Frames can be quickly generated and assembled to form complex geometries
  • Results given in professional report
  • High Quality graphical results
  • Integrated unit converter.
  • Dimensions view (quotations)
  • Dynamic moving loads analysis. Use to analyze moving loads acting on Bridges or structures supporting mobile equipments with speeds.
  • BEDAS is the result of several international scientific papers and industrial experience of Dr. Kamel Henchi and the Research & Development department.

View BEDAS User Guide

You may view BEDAS User Guide (PDF document). The user guide contains step by step examples, theoretical foundations and numerous references.

Interactive Demos


movie stripInteractive Demo

Load definition

movie stripInteractive Demo
(Load Definition)

Dynamic Response

movie stripInteractive Demo
(Dynamic Response).

Download a Free Evaluation Version of BEDAS

Download Free Evaluation Version of BEDAS.

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Purchase BEDAS Online.

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