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ShapeDesignerComposite Section Properties Calculator Software, Torsion and Warping Constant

ShapeDesigner SaaS is an advanced general beam section calculator. ShapeDesigner calculates the cross-sectional torsion and flexural structural properties, including torsion constant (J), warping constant (Cw), normal, warping and shear stresses. These properties are absolutely necessary for the design in static, free vibrations, dynamic and buckling analysis. ShapeDesigner is a useful tool for structural engineers, for the design or analysis of steel, aluminum, and polymeric or composite materials sections. ShapeDesigner calculates the stress distribution including normal, warping and shear stresses, the equivalent Von-Mise, principal and residual stresses.

ShapeDesigner key features:

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ShapeDesigner SaaS

Interactive Demos

This demo proivides an overview of ShapeDesigner SaaS. It shows how to import a section from a DXF file, set its material, compute properties and print a complete report.

movie stripShapeDesigner SaaS

This demo illustrates how to use the ShapeDesigner SaaS' multi-project script.

movie stripInteractive Demo
(Multi-Project Script)

This demo illustrates various ways of creating sections or shapes in ShapeDesigner SaaS.

movie stripInteractive Demo
(Creating Shapes)

View ShapeDesigner SaaS User Guide

You may view the ShapeDesigner SaaS User Guide (HTML document) or download the ShapeDesigner SaaS User Guide (7.1MB PDF document). The user guide contains step by step examples, theoretical foundations and numerous references.

Full List of Cross-Section Properties

You may view the Full List of Cross-Section Properties calculated by ShapeDesigner SaaS.

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