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TWProfile Calculate Open Thin-Walled Composite Beam Section Software

TWProfile is an advanced general open thin-walled composite beam section calculator. You can sketch any open thin-walled beam cross-section and automatically determine the cross-sectional torsional and flexural structural properties, normal stresses and shear stresses as defined by Vlasov theory.

The properties include area, centroid, moments of inertia about any axes, radii of gyration, shear center, torsional constant J and warping constant Cw, Modulus weighted properties are calculated for composite sections. The stresses include normal stresses due to bending and Warping and Shear stresses due to torsion, warping, and transverse loads. Some Features of TWProfile are:

  • Selection of base materials
  • Optimization for standards Sections
  • Advanced Integrated CAD for sketching and drawing 2D Profiles
  • Pan, rotate and zoom using the mouse or keyboard
  • Copy, Paste and Delete commands
  • Library of Complex and Standards Sections
  • 2D Profile may be extruded to 3D view
  • Graphical representation of the stresses results: Normal, warping and shear
  • distribution over the composite section, with numerical values view
  • Also results for statical function moments of area about both x and y, statical warping function moment and generalized warping function
  • Professional output results
  • High Quality graphical results
  • Integrated units converter.
  • Dimensions View (Drafting)
  • Detailed user manual with practical examples and references.

View TWProfile User Guide

You may view TWProfile User Guide (PDF document). The user guide contains step by step examples, theoretical foundations and numerous references.

Full List of Cross-Section Properties

You may view the Full List of Cross-Section Properties calculated by ShapeDesigner SaaS.

Download a Free Evaluation Version of TWProfile

Download Free Evaluation Version of TWProfile.

Purchase TWProfile Online

Purchase TWProfile Online.

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