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As a MechaTools Technologies client, you will always benefit from constantly improved products. For SaaS products such as ShapeDesigner, updates are automatically installed by the application via the Internet.

For non SaaS products, each time a major new release is launched, you will receive an electronic link to download the release update installation kit.

MechaTools Technologies is committed to provide its clients with the most innovative solutions that will best answer their production and quality requirements. Our customers are a valued source of inspiration for developing our software, integrating new technologies and testing their effectiveness. MechaTools Technologies guarantees you use the best and latest tools. Your opinion counts.

MechaTools Technologies software has been and will continue to be developed based on industry feedback and suggestions.

-Other minor bug fixes


SaaS 2018 (July 15 2018) (Current Release)

This new version of ShapeDesigner is a major release containing improvements and new features.

  • FEA 17001: Improvement in the conversion engine «DXF to SHD».
  • FEA 17002: Separate display of geometric properties of the selected shape and section in the main window.
  • FEA 17003: improved the FE mesh engine and visualisation.
  • FEA 17004: improved the performance of the FEA calculation.
  • FEA 17005: Printing of the section/shape in the same page of the geometric properties report.
  • FEA 17006: Added PDF report to the "Shear flow – BuiltUp Section" module.
  • FEA 17007: Fixes in the visualization of the results of moments, Shear and deflection in module "Continuous Beam analysis".
  • FEA 17008: Added tabulated results in moments, shears and deflection in "Continuous Beam analysis" module.
  • FEA 18001: SL 2.0 Security Protocol Support.
  • FEA 17009: In previous. Version, ShapeDesigner gives parameters to compute the elastic critical moment for lateral torsional buckling of a profile/section. The value of j is calculated by shapedesigner. In previous versions of ShapeDesigner you had ß (monosymmetry)=-2*j where
    Image of formula
    In version 2018: we have j instead of ß. It is similar to zj in Eurocode 3, and -j in AISI s100
  • Other minor bug fixes.

SaaS 2013 (March 15 2013)

This new version of ShapeDesigner is a major release containing improvements and new features.

  • FEA 13001: Added new module for continuous beam analysis.
  • FEA 13002: DXF improvement- now can detect shapes inside holes for complex sections.
  • FEA 13003: Improvement of the output file for stresses analysis *.SRS including Shearstress calculation
  • FEA 13005: ShapeDesigner now can export in dxf format.
  • FEA 13006: Improvement in mesh engine.
  • FEA 13012: ShapeDesigner can now snap shapes and holes in automatic mode.
  • Minor improvements in GUI
  • ISS 11047: Bug fix when create new project in multiproject module.
  • ISS 11048: Bug fix when calculating m/L if thickness is <> 1
  • ISS 11049: Bug fix in custom design module.

SaaS 2011 (March 2 2011)

This new version of ShapeDesigner is a minor release containing improvements and bug fixes.

  • FEA 11001: It is now possible to use your company logo on reports generated by ShapeDesigner.
  • FEA 11003: A new buckling category and properties have been added to the report.
  • FEA 11004: Custom material library improvement.
  • FEA 11006: Calculated stresses may now be exported to a tabulated plain-text file.
  • FEA 11008: The input shape by file feature has been enhanced to support complex section with holes.
  • FEA 11009: The input shape by keyboard feature now supports copy paste (from Excel sheet or csv file).
  • ISS 10042: Fixed a UI printing problem where the detailed report was clipped at the bottom.
  • ISS 10045: Fixed a DXF import problem that occurred for some sections.

SaaS 2010 (November 26 2010)

This new version of ShapeDesigner is a major release containing numerous improvements. Here is a partial list of new or improved features.

  • The licensing model and pricing has been changed to accommodate corporate requirements. Activation keys and USB keys are not needed anymore. You can now purchase yearly subscription of ShapeDesigner for $99 USD including updates. Network Floating based licenses are also available.
  • The user interface has been completely rewritten to simplify the workflow and eliminate tedious operations. You can now import a DXF file, perform a full section analysis and print the results in about 10 mouse clicks. You can set default material properties and numerical units to be used automatically when starting new projects. The user interface has been tailored to simplify working with composite sections, built up section, holes... A contextual help engine with clear step by step instructions has been added.
  • A new meshing and computation engine makes it trivial to import complex geometry without user intervention. Computation times are much faster and more section properties are calculated.
  • The material and shape libraries are now extensible allowing you to save custom materials and commonly used sections (for build-ups).
  • A new "Multi-project script" feature has been added to easily compare multiple sections or scenarios or to simply generate report for multiple sections.

Version 6.5 (May 1 2010)

This is a minor release containing a few improvements and various bug fixes.

  • The DXFEasy DXF import/export tool has been integrated in ShapeDesigner and improved to simplify user experience. Importing sections from DXFs is now easier and automatic in common cases.
  • DXF format now supports AutoCAD (TM) 2010.
  • Automatic adaptative meshing has been added to reduce user intervention and to provide optimal mesh density.
  • The user interface has been simplified to guide non expert users
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